Best Milwaukee Tool Deals and Sales August 2022

Best Milwaukee Tool Deals Discounts Coupons Sales

Having reviewed tons of Milwaukee Tools, we already appreciate the brand for its powerful and ergonomic cordless products. On the corded side, the brand makes powerful saws and rotary hammers. Because of this, we love it when the brand offers steep Milwaukee tool deals and tool sales as well as discounts to Pros.

Getting the Best Milwaukee Tool Discounts and Sales

In the past, Milwaukee has discounted many tools across its entire line to professional tradesmen. This includes introducing new products at a discount and even offering tool giveaways for honest user reviews.

The company consistently runs free battery deals, including giving away a free battery with select Milwaukee M18 combo kits or bare tools. They run special free-battery deals on select M12 FUEL kits and promote various sales on their lighting products. Sometimes, you can score a free bare tool or battery when you pick up an M12 starter kit and battery.

Of course, you always want to check out the latest featured Milwaukee tools and products to see if online retailers might drop below the pricing found at The Home Depot. It’s not uncommon to see various incentives and discounts that can compete with prices at your local home improvement warehouse.

Latest Milwaukee Tool Deals and Sales at Acme Tools

Based on our research, the following represent the latest Milwaukee tool deals and sales and even discounts and rebates available—both online via the Internet and in-store.

  • 20% OFF Select M18 FUEL Kits with Purchase of $25 or More Accessories (ends 10/30) – LINK
  • FREE battery (up to $169) w/purchase of select M18 FUEL impact wrench kits (ends 10/30) – LINK
  • Get a FREE M12 battery (up to $65) w/purchase of select M12 bare tool or kits (ends 10/30) – LINK
  • FREE XC5.0 M18 battery (up to $149) w/purchase of select M18 bare tool (ends 10/30) – LINK
  • Save up to $70 on Select Milwaukee Outdoor Power Equipment – LINK
  • FINALLY IN STOCK! Get the 3rd-Gen Milwaukee M12 FUEL Combo Kit for $229 – LINK
  • Save $184 on the new M18 FUEL Belt Sander – LINK
  • Find more Milwaukee Tool Deals at Acme by clicking the button below!

We’ve also tracked down some pretty great deals on Milwaukee tools coming from Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and the ToolNut. These are our picks for the best discounts right now, but click the button to see everything on sale right now:

Best Milwaukee Tool Deals at Home Depot

  • FREE M18 battery or tool with a M18 Fuel Brushless Hammer Drill/Impact Driver kit (exp 8/15) – LINK
  • Save $400 AND Get a FREE tool or battery with a M18 5-Tool Combo Kit – LINK
  • $100 OFF the Milwaukee M12 FUEL brushless hammer drill/impact driver combo kit, now $249 – LINK
  • Save $50 on M18 Brushless Compact Drill and Impact Driver combo kit, now $179 – LINK
  • Get $50 off Milwaukee M18 Brushless Compact Drill/Impact Combo Kit – LINK
  • SAVE $100 off 2-tool M12 Combo Kit w/M12 3/8″ Ratchet – LINK
  • Get Savings of up to $200 or more on Milwaukee Tool Deals – LINK

Get the Best Milwaukee Tool Deals at Ace Hardware

  • Buy a Milwaukee M12 FUEL Compact Cut-Off Tool, Get a FREE M12 Battery (ends 8/30) – LINK
  • FREE M12 Battery with purchase of Milwaukee M12 Fuel 6 in. Pruning Saw Kit (ends 8/30) – LINK
  • Top Outdoor Power Equipment deals – LINK
  • Check out more Milwaukee Tool Deals at Ace Hardware – LINK

Best Milwaukee Tool Deals at ToolNut

  • Save $20 off 2 lights, $40 off 3 lights (exp 10/30) – LINK
  • FREE M18 XC6.0 battery or Impact Wrench with select bare tool purchase (exp 10/30) – LINK
  • FREE Pen Light or Headlamp (up to $40) if you spend $100 in Safety Gear (exp 10/30) – LINK
  • Up to 30% OFF Select Milwaukee M18 Tools and Kits – LINK
  • Save up to $130 at the ToolNut – LINK
  • Get a FREE Bonus M18 XC 5.0Ah Battery with Select Milwaukee M18 kits (exp 10/30) – LINK
  • See more Milwaukee Tool Deals at Toolnut – LINK

These are just some of the Milwaukee Deals and Discounts available from these retailers. For the full list of options, click the buttons below.

Other Considerations

When shopping for the best Milwaukee tool deals and sales be sure to keep in mind what platform you want to focus on. Milwaukee ONE-KEY technology represents the company’s most innovative onboard tech. Also, using the company’s M12 FUEL compact line can really shave some weight on the tools you use every day.

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