Irwin Strait-Line Tape Measures

Irwin Strait-Line tape measures

Irwin Strait-Line Tape Measures Promise High Durability And Reach

Tape measures might be consumables, but that doesn’t mean we want to replace them frequently or use junky ones. Many tape measures can’t hold up under the demanding applications of professional work for long. Irwin is challenging this idea with its Strait-Line tape measures. With three different lengths in the lineup, here’s what makes these tape measures a good fit for hardworking tradespeople.

Irwin Strait-Line Tape Measures: The Big Deal

Irwin tells us that you can expect all three models to survive up to an 80-foot drop onto surfaces as hard as packed soil. For blade durability, these tape measures also feature tear protection to further maintain the life of the blade in tough applications.

When you’re on the job, especially working independently, it’s important for your tape measure to have the right reach. Irwin’s Strait-Line tape measures achieve reaches up to 17 feet made up of about 14 feet of standout plus 3 feet additional with your hand supporting the blade. As far as reach goes, 17 feet is fantastic.

One of our favorite features is a finger stop brake and we’re excited that Irwin includes it on these tapes. If you haven’t used one before, it’s an opening in the housing that lets you use your finger to stop or slow down the blade instead of having to use the lock. We use it a ton!

Finally, extra-large printed numbers printed on both sides of the blade ensure added visibility. We prefer double-sided print when we can get it, and on any premium tape measure, it’s a must.

Additional Features

  • Extra-large dual-sided hook grab from multiple directions
  • Balanced retraction for smooth control and comfort
  • Belt clip

Irwin Strait-Line Tape Measures Price

There are three lengths coming with Irwin’s initial launch. The 16-foot model retails for $19.99, the 25-foot model goes for $24.99, and the 35-foot model will cost $29.99. You also have the option to purchase a two-pack of the 25-foot tape measures for $39.99. Irwin backs them all with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Model(s): Irwin IWHT39391S, IWHT39393S, IWHT39395S, IWHT39396S
  • Weight:
    • 16 ft: 1.190 lbs
    • 25 ft: 1.560 lbs
    • 35 ft: 1.968 lbs
  • Width: 1.25 in
  • Material: Bi-Material
  • Lockable: Yes

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