Clamp and Fastening Tool Reviews & Buying Guides

Fastening tools include clamps, powder actuated tools, rivet guns, and other specialized hand tools. In addition to those, we provide clamp reviews that cover all types of clamps for the Pro carpenter or remodeler. Fastening tools and clamp reviews take us into a broad category, but they’re important to nearly all trades. Whether fastening a piece of material down using a set of DeWalt trigger clamps or using a Kreg Automaxx bar clamp to glue boards, fastening tools and clamps are key. Fastening Tools and Clamp Reviews for the Trades The thing about fastening and trades is that each one has its share of tools in the category. With woodworking, we review lots of clamps and even some glue guns. For decking and framing, a Rockwell Jawhorse may be a key component to securing pieces about to the fastened with other tools. On a roofing project, a tool like the Bostitch anti-vibe hammer tacker may be used for securing tar paper. Finally, in decking, you can find products like the CAMO Marksman Pro X1 hidden deck fastening system.

Malco Eagle Grip Locking Pliers

Malco Eagle Grip Locking Pliers and Clamps Review

Can These Eagle Grip Locking Pliers Truly Beat the Competition? When we crafted our what tools are made in the USA article, we didn’t realize we would eventually get deluged with tools…tools made right here in the United States. Case in point—we got sent Malco Eagle Grip locking pliers and clamps to try out. Billed […]

How To Use A Rivet Gun

How to Use a Rivet Gun

When you need to fasten sheet metal or plastic together, one of the more viable methods on the market is the rivet gun. This tool really comes into its own when accessing the back end of the joint proves problematic. Plus, rivets tend to be relatively inexpensive and come in a wide variety of sizes […]

Wilton Multi-Purpose Vises for General Purpose Use

Wilton Redesigns and Expands Multi-Purpose Vise Line Wilton has an 80-year history in designing practical and durable vises that have become a mainstay for American tradesmen. With the redesigned Multi-Purpose Vises, Wilton has taken a page from their own notebook. These vises now feature the design styling of the Tradesman Bullet Vise. And, having expanded […]

Dimide Clamp Review | 1/4 Series Clamps

Dimide 1/4 Series Clamp Delivers Powerful Holding With the Power of Your Impact Driver We use a ton of different clamps for the various projects we have going on around our shop. None look or operate quite like Dimide 1/4 Series Clamps, though. Pros 1700 pounds of clamping force with a standard 18V/20V Max impact […]

IMI Magnetic V-Pad Clamps

IMI Magnetic V-Pad Clamps for Flexible Welding Positions

Industrial Magnetics Offers Welders Low-Profile Clamps IMI (Industrial Magnetics, Inc.) Magnetic V-Pad clamps make a nice addition for tools fabricators may find helpful. Now, welders have a fast, low-profile, and versatile solution for holding workpieces in position. Holding Patterns The IMI Magnetic V-Pad Clamps offer dual pivoting magnetic heads on each piece. Each clamp can […]

Bessey EHK Trigger Clamp

Bessey EHK Trigger Clamp Hands-On Review

Bessey EHK Trigger Clamp Gives Your Hands the Break They’ve Needed We use clamps nearly every day and own a wide variety. To get a vise-like grip with a clamp is a pain in the neck. Well, pain in the hand, really. Of all the trigger clamps we use, that hand strain is the one […]

Review9.4(out of 10)

Wilton Tradesman 1755 Vise Hands-On Review

Wilton Tradesman 1755 Vise Caters to a Balance of Strength and Size We do a lot of projects from our shop in addition to the standardized testing we put our review tools through. Clamping is great when you’re benchtop allows for it, but there’s nothing like the security of a good bench vise. We set […]

Stryder ratchet straps

Stryder Ratchet Straps Review – UX, RX, SX Models

I’m just going to say it: Stryder ratchet straps are what ratchet straps should have always been. And no, they didn’t pay me to say that. In fact, they didn’t pay me anything. Stryder sent us three models of their 500 series straps to review. Their reimagining of the ratchet strap combines a traditional product […]

Review8.4(out of 10)
Kreg 90 degree Corner Clamps

Kreg Tool 90-Degree Corner Clamps

Whether it’s the pocket hole jig, the bench clamps, or the Rip-Cut, Kreg products have made woodworking projects remarkably better in terms of ease, aesthetic, strength, and accuracy. Today, I have a couple devices that I hope will follow suit: the Kreg Tool 90-Degree Corner Clamps. While I can contain my bias long enough to […]

Pocket Hole Joinery - When To Use It

When to Use Pocket Hole Joinery

We’ve written and reviewed pocket hole joinery tools like the Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System and projects several times in the past. We consider ourselves fans of the technique, but we like anything that will get us in the workshop or allow us to get the job done on site. Of course, Pros and Cons follow each type of wood […]