Cordless Drill Reviews & Impact Drivers

We spent hundreds of man-hours on cordless drill reviews and impact drivers with hands-on objective testing. We also rated the most powerful cordless drills through head-to-head comparative testing. All 12V, 18V (20V), and 36V models go through our testing rig, and we rank them for their respective categories. When Pros want to upgrade their systems it’s often difficult to know where to go. While you may have your favorite “color” or brand, we seek to help you understand the competition. We understand the tendency for Pros to choose favorites. Our cordless drill reviews and our impact driver reviews seek to avoid bias by using standardized testing methods. Without an objective testing source, you may find yourself purchasing a tool that can’t get the job done. Pros Can Trust Our Cordless Drill Reviews We not only test power, we look at run-time, vibration, and ergonomics. The best cordless drill for one may not be the same for another. Our drill and driver reviews take that into account, testing various torque and speed scenarios. Our individual cordless drill reviews are thorough, and break down the build quality, features, feel, and performance of each tool.

Makita Screw Gun Reviews: Corded and Cordless Drywall Screwdrivers

When it comes to drywall screwdrivers, Makita has a deep lineup of both corded and cordless options. From the field-tested FS4200 and FS6200 corded models to the newest XRF03 brushless option, you’re sure to find a Makita screw gun that suits the way you work. Makita XRF03 18V LXT Cordless Auto-Feed Screw Gun The most […]

Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt Triple Hammer Impact Driver Review

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Triple Hammer Impact Driver Review

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Triple Hammer Impact Driver Enters Second Generation Out of dozens of the cordless impact drivers we’ve tested, the Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36V Triple Hammer Impact Driver is one of the most unique with its 3-hammer design. There’s now a second-generation version, the WH36DCM, and we’re seeing how it compares to its predecessor. […]

Craftsman V20 Brushless RP Drill

Craftsman V20 Brushless RP Drill CMCD713

Craftsman Adds V20 Drill to the Brushless RP Lineup The V20 drill by Craftsman has been available for some time now, but the company decided to update its look to be more recognizable as part of the Brushless RP line. Sound familiar? Craftsman also gave visual updates to its CMCD732 hammer drill and CMCH234 rotary […]

Bosch Profactor GSB18V-1330C hammer drill GSR18V

Bosch ProFactor GSB18V-1330C Hammer Drill

Bosch Profactor Hammer Drill Provides Power in Tough Applications If you often have to drill into tough materials like concrete or masonry, you might be in the market for a new cordless hammer drill. Bosch just might have you covered with its GSB18V-1330C ProFactor model. On top of the power it provides, this tool is […]

Hilti Nuron SF 6H-22 Cordless Hammer Drill

Hilti Nuron 22V Cordless Hammer Drill SF 6H-22

Nuron Technology Boosts Hilti Hammer Drill Performance and Intelligence Hilti is making waves with a sweeping change to their cordless platform, shifting from a separate 22V and 36V approach to the Nuron system that uses either one or two 22V batteries for power. What does that mean for core tools, such as the Hilti Nuron […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Gen 3 3453

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Review

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Gains Power And New Features In 3rd Generation The Milwaukee M12 Fuel impact driver saw big improvements from its first generation to its second, gaining power while becoming more compact. We’ve had a chance to get our hands on the third generation to see what’s coming up next. Editor’s Note: […]

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Hammer Drill 3404

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Hammer Drill and Drill Driver

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Hammer Drill Tones Up With More Muscle And Smaller Size The original Milwaukee M12 Fuel hammer drill was an excellent tool, so much so that its second-generation update was primarily about shrinking the size. Now we’re seeing the third generation and there’s a lot to talk about. Milwaukee M12 Fuel Hammer Drill […]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver 2953

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver: 4th Generation Technology

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver Unveiled For Its 4th Generation The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver didn’t have much room for improvement in its third generation, but that didn’t stop Milwaukee’s product team from working on it anyway. Now even better, it’s the Milwaukee 2953 is the new flagship impact driver. So what exactly is […]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Hammer Drill and Drill Driver

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Hammer Drill and Drill Driver

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill And Drill Driver Receive Upgrades For Gen 4 Edition First, there was the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill. In its second edition, it got stronger. In its third, it got more compact. Now we have the 4th generation of this impressive drilling and driving tool, and it’s not only gaining […]

Ridgid 18V Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench Review

Ridgid 18V Brushless High-Torque Impact Wrench Review

Next-Gen Ridgid High-Torque Impact Wrench Takes Over When Mid-Torque Isn’t Enough For the majority of automotive and construction work, a good mid-torque impact wrench can handle just about everything. But when you want another option before turning to a torch, you need a high-torque model. We got our hands on the Ridgid 18V brushless high-torque […]